Sustainable, cost-effective asphalt innovation

It is everyone’s responsibility to deliver sustainable, quality solutions to the construction industry in South Africa. Shisalanga is at the forefront of asphalt product innovation and sustainable practice. Through superior technology, a keen interest in learning and dedication, we will make a difference in the road construction industry without compromising on quality.

Get four times the strength of normal asphalt, beneficial for high traffic exposure, whilst offering greater resistance to deformation with High Modulus Asphalt.

Reduce your energy usage by up to 30% by using Warm Mix Asphalt, formulated at lower temperatures compared to regular asphalt mixes and offering a less carbon intensive road construction solution.

Shisalanga offers High Recycled Asphalt, a sustainable and cost saving option using up to 40% uplifted recycled asphalt and mixing it with a 60% virgin asphalt mix to form a strong and sensible road construction solution.

Go greener by using Shisalanga’s locally recycled HDPE plastic product to create a unique binding agent, ensuring a high-quality sustainable binding process in road construction application.

Enjoy a more cost-effective paving method by using the Ultra-Thin Friction Course (UTFC) providing a successful, ultra-thin paving application from 12-15mm, versus the traditional 20-25mm.

Save cost and increase sustainable road construction practice by using Shisalanga’s Steel Slag asphalt. Slag provides high skid-resistance, stability, resistance to rutting and deformation, and compatibility with conventional asphalt binders. Using waste products from the steel industry, steel slag manufactured asphalt forms the basis of our Steel Flow.