Fraud and Corruption

Shisalanga Construction is committed to conducting its business in accordance with the ethical standards as set by the King IV™ Code on Corporate Governance.  This means that our relationships with all stakeholders, both internal and external, will be governed by the principles of ethical and effective leadership, transparency, honesty, integrity, accountability, respect to abide by all laws within the territories that we work, respect for others, responsibility, fairness, and loyalty while following a stakeholder inclusive approach.  

The Board is fully committed to maintaining an honest, transparent, and supportive environment within the organisation and Shisalanga Construction has therefore an Anti- Fraud Policy and procedures in place that assist in reducing the likelihood of fraud occurring.

There is also a Toll-free hot line, email address and reporting portal where any reasonable suspicions of fraud can be reported anonymously. Reported cases are then subjected to a rigorous investigation.

Please contact the Shisalanga Fraud line today to report any fraud or unethical behaviour.

Fraud line