Build better roads with quality asphalt

Shisalanga provides superior asphalt products throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Eastern Cape that will not only make a difference to the bottomline but increase longevity and road safety. We aim to treat every project with its own unique requirements, offering custom-made asphalt solutions to optimise your construction endeavour.

Get quality grade, durable, and weather resistant hot mix asphalt, ensuring road construction longevity and construction efficacy.

Experience improved compaction, lower segregation and permeability with our top of the line fine grade asphalt, for enhanced load-carrying capacity.

Gain a high resistance to fatigue and rutting in surfacing with Shisalanga’s superior Stone Mastic Asphalt, making for a reduction in road maintenance.

Get increased road surface protection with our high-grade wearing course solutions, tailor-made to fit your road construction demand.

Achieve increased resistance against rutting, cracking, and load-associated wear by using Shisalanga’s Polymer Modified Asphalt product, manufactured to suit commercial road construction.

For higher impact resistance and safer road surfacing, incorporating rubber waste products, we provide top-grade Bitumen Rubber for all road construction requirements.