CLIFFDALE, KwaZulu-Natal – 15 November 2019 – Since establishing a small asphalt plant in Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal, Shisalanga Construction has come a long way from their humble beginnings in 1998.  The company has earned their status as pioneers in the highly innovative sphere of Eco Asphalt road construction due to their adaptability and willingness to diversify.

Tommy Koekemoer, General Manager of Shisalanga Construction, took over the company in 2005 when there were only two sites, each operating with a production capacity of 25 tonnes of asphalt per hour. Recognising a potential for growth in Dundee at the time, Shisalanga stepped up to meet the increasing demand for road construction.

Shisalanga Construction has nine flourishing plants in various locations in KwaZulu-Natal, including Dundee, Newcastle, Murchison, Estcourt, Ulundi, Ixopo, Shakaskraal, Cliffdale and East London with two new sites about to launch in Hluhluwe and Park Rynie.

One of their most recent successes is the Eco Asphalt, which made headlines in the South African press in August 2019. The unique binding agent utilises locally sourced recycled plastic compound as part of the formula ingredient in the asphalt.

Aside from the manufacturing of Eco Asphalt, they also supply EME, a high modulus asphalt providing four-times the strength of normal asphalt and with the ability to withstand high traffic exposure, offering greater resistance to deformation.

Other products in their extensive range include Warm Mix Asphalt, formulated at lower temperatures to regular asphalt mixes; High Recycled Asphalt, using uplifted asphalt and successfully using as much as 70% in production; Steel Flow, the cost-effective Ultra-Thin Friction Course offering a paving application from 12-15mm versus the traditional 20-25mm; and Steel Slag, utilising waste products from the steel industry and form the basis of Steel Flow.

Added to their product range, Shisalanga also provides services such as Hydrocutting, paving, base paving, tandem paving and surface seals.

What sets Shisalanga apart from their competitors is their drive to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation coupled with the highest level of quality.

“We need to make sure that the materials we feed into the plant is quality so that what comes out the plant is quality, and in turn the product we lay is also in high quality and within specification,” says Tommy.

By consistently innovating, Shisalanga is overcoming challenges and moving onto new horizons.


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