CLIFFDALE, KwaZulu-Natal – 28 November 2019 – Pioneering in the asphalt and road construction industry, Shisalanga Construction has been pushing the boundaries of innovation since the company was established in 1998 in Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal. Since their humble beginnings – spawned to meet the demands of the area that couldn’t be filled due to their location – their capacity has steadily increased to allow for the growth of 11 plants in South Africa today.

Shisalanga Construction is not afraid to innovate and embark on new initiatives in order to keep striving for high quality products and services. The company consistently meets demands for innovative solutions in the South African road construction and asphalt context by overcoming challenges and introducing fresh ideas to the market.

“We haven’t been afraid to innovate,” says Deane Koekemoer, Managing Director. “Most of the time it is out of necessity that we have pushed the boundaries and found new products.”

One of the company’s earliest ground-breaking achievements came about from challenging circumstances. When they were unable to obtain natural aggregates for the manufacture of asphalt, they sought an alternative. It was in this climate that the inception of steel slag came about as a viable solution and was successfully used on the National Route (N3), the busiest highway in South Africa, for 15 years!

Technical Manager Wynand Nortje, who has 37 years’ experience in the technical field, says “There’s always a feel for trying new things. We keep on looking for innovation and new ideas to be better and to put us ahead of the rest of the pack.”

Shisalanga also does surface sealing and has an array of products for the market. In 2010, they introduced Hydrocutters to the South African market. A huge advantage of these machines is that they operate leaving a smaller carbon footprint compared to other methods.

“The Hydrocutters filled a gap in the market and it was complementary to the services that we provide,” adds Deane.

More recently, in August 2019, Shisalanga paved the way as South Africa’s first road construction company to successfully use recycled plastic as a binding agent in asphalt. Coined ‘Eco Asphalt’, this product provides a two-fold solution in the South African context.

By using recycled HDPE as a substitute binding agent, the company successfully created a unique solution that ensures a sustainable and durable alternative for road construction. This eco-friendly exploit will also positively impact the country in removing significant amounts of recycled plastic from waste sites.

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“This product has gone above and beyond what was expected, and the results speak for themselves,” said Deane. “We didn’t envision it getting like this. It’s a true success story.”

There is literally no asphalt project to small or too big that Shisalanga Construction could not manage. What else would you expect from the country’s leading blacktop surface company?


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