Shisalanga Construction is a stalwart in the black top market

Shisalanga Construction has become a stalwart in the black top market since its humble beginnings in 1998. The company was started with a small 25 ton per hour asphalt plant situated in Northern Natal region of Dundee.

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Since it opened in 1998, Shisalanga has grown from strength to strength and now not only manufactures and paves hot mix asphalt, but produces a high quality coldmix asphalt, lay surface and slurry seals, crack sealing, deep and shallow milling, insitu-stabilizing and hydro surface treatment.

Shisalanga has become a leader in new innovations, leading the way with products such as steel slag manufactured asphalt, a first in South Africa. This product is the preferred aggregate used for asphalt manufacture on the busiest high way in South Africa, the National Route 3 (N3).

Shisalanga also has three high pressure hydro cutters in our array of equipment. These machines fill a huge void in many facets of the road industry with regard to surface texturing, rubber and spillage removal. A major plus for these machines is that they operate leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint making the procedure exceptionally environmentally friendly.

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Our mission is to be the leading asphalt and road construction company in KwaZulu-Natal. We will achieve this through individual commitment, teamwork, quality and continuous innovation.

We promise great service - all the time! We pride ourselves on being industry leaders. All projects are planned very carefully and we pay attention to each and every detail. Shisalanga has an excellent assortment of in-house plant and equipment to fulfil all the requirements needed to execute all work and to do so with the highest quality possible. Shisalanga has a staff complement second to none, with many decades of experience within its ranks. Our employees share the Company’s mission as we constantly strive for perfection

We have Asphalt Plants in the following areas:

  • Dundee
  • Newcastle
  • Estcourt
  • Ulundi
  • Shakaskraal
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  • The leader in Hydro Cutting
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Shisalanga's new High-Pressure Solutions enable the process of restoring texture and friction to a pavement surface via high-pressure water blasting. Skid resistance is thereby increased by the removal of excess bitumen and rubber from the road surface meaning fewer accidents on the nation's roads and runways. The machines combine variable water pressure with a high-velocity vacuum system to leave surfaces safe and stable.

The use of high pressure hydro-texturising to remediate flushed bituminous pavements has been pioneered in both Australia and New Zealand, and has also been used across Europe and the United States with no reduction in the structural life of the road surface. Every year approximately 2.2 million m2 of hydro-texturing is conducted by the various road authorities in Australia and New Zealand combined. These road authorities have moved away from traditional forms of remediation i.e. as Hydro-texturising has been shown to be a more effective and longer lasting treatment.

  • Environmentally friendly: The process uses only water - No chemicals are used at any stage.
  • High removal ratio: Approximately 95% of Waste Material is immediately removed from the road surface. The machines can vacuum, wash or hydro-texturise a variety of surfaces including bitumen seals, all asphalts, and concrete.
  • Flexibility: The ability to target only specific segments of the road for re-texturising leads to a highly adaptable and flexible operation. Water pressure can be adjusted within a range of 1200psi to 12000psi and can be operated in most weather conditions, day or night.
  • High production rate: 3000 to 6000m2 can be covered per shift with minimum traffic disruption. Each cycle takes between 60 and 90 minutes. Forward travelling spreads range from 100-1400 metres per hour.

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We offer various solutions to the construction industry, while adding a personal touch to each.

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